Get to Know me

This preliminary post is comparable to the “Get to Know Me” tag on Youtube. I think it’s important to me for (potential) readers to know why I started this blog, and understand how the content I produce relates to me as a human, separate from my computer.

I’ve actually made blogs before. When I was about 10, before the black hole of social media as we know it today was created, I would sign up for free website trials. The domains I created were juvenile and weren’t meant for anyone else to read them. I just wanted an outlet to express myself, not only through writing, but designing as well.

With that being said, I think this blog is honestly more for me than for any audience that might be reading it right now. Merely, it’s an avenue of self-expression and a timeline for my thoughts. However, I hope readers can find something of use somewhere in here.

Now, onto the real introduction….

  • I’m twenty years old, living in Philadelphia, PA
  • I’m from “right outside” of Philly, a little less than two hours from where I live now
  • I’m an only child, which I used to resent, but now I think it’s given me a unique perspective
  • I love dogs, but have yet to own one…my mom was more into “unique” pets..guinea pigs, birds, and fish (which I also adore)
  • I can play several instruments but the guitar is my favorite
  • I can’t remember a day in the past five years that I haven’t consumed caffeine
    • My go-to order is either an iced matcha latte or a vanilla cold brew (both with oat milk)
  • After graduation, I hope to work either in the non-profit sector, for the government, or doing marketing and writing for a global company
  • My personality type is INFJ- definitely accurate for me and my results have been consistent for the past couple years

Writing used to be a genuine passion of mine and I’ve always been able to articulate better by writing things down. Yet, I found myself hindered by the structure and guidelines put in place by the schooling systems. My intention for this blog is to bring my interests and personality into my writing by highlighting topics that are a genuine reflection of myself. 

For business inquiries please contact

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