Creating a Positive Digital Atmosphere for Yourself

If there is one thing everyone can agree on right now, it’s how to make the most of our time stuck inside (Covid-19 Quarantine). In the midst of negative news cycles and daily restrictions, it is important to find things to look forward to and not let our minds idle.

Many people are using the time to read books and catch up on Netflix. Others exercise (hopefully while social distancing), take classes, and work remotely. It’s a great time to learn a new skill or fine-tune an old one. 

With excessive downtime in the digital age, it is easy to say we will be productive and actually spend the majority of the day on our phones. I’ve tried to fill my days with non-digital activities, such as practicing the guitar and journaling (nothing too ambitious yet). But, with the time I do spend on my phone, I make it positive. 

Below are my recommendations for navigating the digital atmosphere during this stressful time. 

  1. Unfollow accounts that make you feel bad about yourself.

Even if I know the person, I unfollow people that spread any kind of hate. I do not follow anyone who leaves me feeling bad about myself after I’ve viewed their profile. If you’re too worried about offending someone, I use the “restrict” feature on instagram so that their posts are hidden on my feed without letting the person know. 

  1. Follow accounts to inspire you.

This!!!! Might be the most important one. Like I said, I don’t follow accounts that bring negativity. Even though that negativity is removed, it is not automatically replaced with positivity. I seek it out. There are so many great communities within social networks. For me, all it took was following one account I really liked to expand into a side of social media I forgot existed (a positive one).

Below are two sources of inspiration for me during this time.

The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet does an excellent job of giving simple money advice about a variety of topics. They also dive into self-care tips and focus on living with what you have, rather than constantly seeking more.

Elena Taber

Elena’s Youtube Channel.

Elena is currently my favorite Youtuber. She seems unaffected and uninterested in Youtube celebrity drama and uses her platform to share advice, opinions, and inspiration. She shops sustainably (yet affordably) and talks about other social causes she is passionate about.

3. Set a mental timer.

When I have down-time that I choose to spend aimlessly on my phone, I try to set a mental “time check.” For example, I pick up my phone at 11:30. I’ve answered all my texts and read all my emails, which is pretty much the extent of my productivity on my phone. So, I give myself x amount of time to spend on my phone doing whatever I want. I usually give myself about ten minutes at a time, so at 11:40 I put my phone down and go back to work.

4. Remember to not take social media so seriously.

Lately, I’ve been trying to do better at making my instagram less of a highlight reel. It’s so important to remember that much of what we see on social media is a freeze frame of a posed event. No one knows the future of the digital era, but what we do know is that real world is out there- waiting for us with or without technology.

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